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  • God's Heart for His Daughters
  • Responding to Convincing Arguments for Revisionist Sexual Ethics
  • Lifesaving Advice for Parents of Gay Teens
  • Discerning Between Marriage and Singleness

October Webinar: "Discipling Your Kids Before Disney Does"*

  • October webinar

    October webinar

    Our kids' capacity for connection and need for community are gifts from God, and He's offered us all wisdom for the best ways to steward our sexualities. But when parents shrink from passing God's wisdom on to their kids, the "wisdom" of culture is eager to disciple our kids for us -- from Disney, TikTok, the sex-ed curriculum at school, Netflix, and friends on the playground.

    In this webinar we'll explore ways you can effectively (and winsomely) counter culture's narrative with God's life-giving wisdom for their sexual stewardship.

    Date: Thursday, October 26
    Time: 6:30pm Central Time
    Primary audience: Parents and others whose lives intersect with kids ages 2-12

    Price $10.00


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